In relationship if the person you date makes you shy, you don’t love him/her Love have confident and how can you be shy when Love is Blind. And when Love loves it gives joy, happiness apparently a bulk of all what anything that entails EXCITEMENT. If your relationship is poor in working to function as a relationship don’t force and fuss it cause if you could you’ll at the end producing bad things and misunderstand-able forced things. It takes one plus one good things to produce one good thing to do good.


Woman, a different human

God made, God’s pride after finishing creating a woman human, the way woman think different she thinks she can do better than any woman around her and to all men around the globe individually anything you can mention and that makes her selfish. A Woman is a precious human with a different love that nothing has on earth, she just incomparable, I believe when the bible says God made/created everything by dirt except a Woman, that’s where God’s pride is so since God made that different human being then goes the Devil with his jealousy to God just wanna ruin God’s precious human being by confusing her with all sort of things like making her naked,witchcraft,selfishness,envy,pride,sexual immorality,jealousy and dispute on small obvious things to each other ,anyone and against everything to be seen as a bad creation that God has ever made in all his work creation, Woman, a different human……it will never change for a woman to be different without diffident that she’s a precious,Queen,lovely,love,lovable to man,Essence of love,someone to live for,wonderful,helper,A Queen Chess and mother to her Children from God….. If you’re a Woman you’re a special not to be all over the world is better cause of you, don’t sell yourself for your interests, you’re quality layer better than the best made quality man has ever made in life,don’t be entertained no! Be the reason why entertainment existing, you’re a woman, you’re different Human, Woman, a different human.

Woman isn’t the image of God

You the truth always brings what is not right to the eyes of people, people can even kill you straight up if you tell the naked truth, is just so eccentric for them to live without false, they live their lives intrepid full of falsity. You dwell in a lie you’ll never know the factual of the truth or get the fact of it, no one wants the lies amongst us, I swear no body wants that. I’m gonna say something right now that will surprises you but that’s the naked truth. Who knows that woman isn’t the image of God, nothing on earth is the image of God except Man it was either after Man was created there wasn’t gonna be any woman created, okay lets go to the bible that everybody knows when it says….Let us create a Man in our own image to rule over everything and all living creatures, who God was communicating with there, for me there was Jesus only his son with him, it showed to the world that Jesus came in the world as a Male, then God is a he since is like that God is a Male too, so God was telling another male close to him that let us create someone looking like us it means God wanted to create someone who looks exactly what he sees on the mirror, when you look yourself on the mirror you see exactly yourself then your image. God when he was creating Man he said let us create Man in our own image not “men” but Man, Men is for Humans then Man is a Male. Lets go back in the bible again where Jesus saying….before everything was made/created I was there and everything was created through me and through me everything was created, I’m saying this eventually just to show you who God was communicating with when he was creating his earth, he wasn’t alone but with Jesus, both they were each other’s image so they decided to create their own image you see woman wasn’t there, there wasn’t any one who could be called she back then. When God finished to create man in his own image then he created woman in no one’s image but her own. Nothing on earth when God looks down on us looking like a Woman everything was made out of dirt except woman, woman is a special person on the whole earth she doesn’t have anyone’s image or look like anybody. When God look down on earth someone looking like him, I swear he sees Man, that’s why when he comes back the first thing he call is a Man, everything made for a Man on earth including woman, every living thing was named by Man on earth including Woman, Woman isn’t the image of God, you may like it or not God doesn’t know democracy that was created on earth by humans but he knows his ways and he’ll always do things his way.

God Blessed Male Togetherness

I won’t lot about this but I would just make think about what I would be saying and check it wisely with open minded mental. I say God blessed male togetherness because every time they’re together in everything they do, there is always a little time of talking and sharing ideas of creating and inventing something in their togetherness. The worst part of that they follow each other to support each other in loving what was created and invent by another man/male, they invest in their creation and invention and that, that’s what makes males to have dominion over everything,anything including women. Check around,look around closely you would see what I’m writing about as an Author, the naked truth, the naked coming fact and the future fact so God Blessed Male Togetherness

Love Matters

It doesn’t matter to anything, you may not like or something, love matters, you may not love but it’ll always matters while in the end love matters within you. You may hate,jealous,dislike,like and anger but love is compulsory, is a must to keep on loving, you may not like it how it cost to love but what’s in you is…you always try to be nice and feel to love while you don’t like to but you can’t nice without showing love,love matters and the first human you love is you cause you matters, is in you and is you so love matters all the time while you matters, love is you and love is a seed in you then you matters,everybody and anyone matters deeply love matters.

What Makes You Feel Best?

It just a question but your question, it just a day but for you to remember,to be remembered in it,it just you but only you to feel how great to be you and yourself, you can’t say it was awesome when you had no confident walking around with diffident action, but it takes only one day to make your day eventually to make your life to remember a day you were feeling awesome in it …that could be made by only these…good bath,good fragrance on you, nice clothes you feel comfortable in them…I swear that will make you feel best for a day but for your life..have an awesome moment everyday for you for the taken…have a great day everyday ahead of you.

Love Yourself

You can’t love someone else, you don’t love yourself, don’t mix them, between loving yourself and not loving others and to keep yourself happy but the only best part of your life is to keep yourself happy when you’re happy then you can make others happy only if they wanna be happy so keep yourself happy first,it comes first cause its start within your heart.

Two parents are better to a Child,Not one

I would start by saying two is better than one Wow! what a very powerful quote or saying…then back to my heading two parents are better to a child in raising or making them grow, Father and Mother means male and female. Okay I mostly hear people saying I was raised by my mom alone and she has been playing father figure on me,she was the mother and father at the same time, isn’t that impossible come on we need to delve lot of our sayings coming from our mouths my question is how can a mother have father figure in her while she was blessed with mother figure already before we can even say she played even father figure but after we can’t believe that the father can play the mother figure, you can’t believe it right? Because a father can’t play a mother figure so the same applies to a mother, there is No mother in the world who can play the father figure on the child in raising them. What man have in him was given to him alone and what woman have was given to her alone.