I would start by Donald Trump American president, I mean how can american people cry before he hasn’t even started yet to do what he promise or proof himself, why the world like people who just live in a similar way because into this days if only if you could say something like…a Woman can not lead or to be leader, the world say you have a hatred and spit out hate speech or should I say gender problem while you spit out your point of view. Back to Trump, he promised America how he gonna clean it up or out the country meaning to make America the way Americans knows it, he said people from all around the world of all the countries just pouring up in the Country”America” so he wants everyone to go back to their own countries, I really have a pact with that how can you be a man in your own house and all people in the neighborhood start to pour up in your house,how would your children live and survive in their own inheritance and enjoy freely? Trump is right let everybody go home back to their own countries, Okay why we have Countries then?, what’s the reason for us in the world to have countries,with different cultures and languages? I take foreigners like peace disturbing people, check it wisely have you ever realize that people who mostly ruin your own country are foreigners? To face reality in your eyes are the ones who always do killings, frauds, terrorists, drug dealings, getting jobs in a less wage where the country owners/residents want more than that because they understand their living wage. If Mr Trump is strict that much I swear been strict is to live life by the truth you would be expressing the whole truth you have as a feeling to do right. Even God is strict and way better than anyone in the world. Now as I write to you I would say…most American don’t feel free in their own country now, why? Because they didn’t have someone to do like what Trump wanna do obviously there is no country that God didn’t bless by something so let’s not mix business with friendship. Foreigners in my view are people who are so lazy trying to go eat what they see already created and they wanna share it with you that, that they see in your hands, they stop the world’s motion of round and round,let me tell you something…your everyday living life is a business(circle motion) and your body a day works enormously in a circle way too (circle motion too) and every circle motion is a business motion means the other part is working because is good with something to benefit the other so everyone should live and accept their living in their own country this is the reason why some countries are broke and poor is because of those people who ran away. What Donald Trump wanna do is Similar to one of the South African male young leaders he fight for what belongs to the black people obviously Africa belong to Black people there is Europe and Africa so South Africans never felt free since the times of apartheid till 2016 times, the male young leader Julius Malema, when he spit out his speech about taking what belongs to the black people they say he take out hate speech No! by my view because South Africa belongs to the South Africans and all things that are in it, the Land and all resources, same applies to the Americans for them to feel free and save in their own country All belong to them and all things that are in it. Foreigners who like to stay in other people’s countries are like people who run away from their own problems since you know you can’t run away from your own problems but to fix them this is the reason why we still surviving and survivors, I can still write for you and you can still read what I write because you’re a survivor. Let’s let leaders to proof their perspectives what can they do for us, let’s give them a chance to proof themselves whatever it is for them to introduce to us in the world as humanity, if is good it would be the best thing in our history books and if is bad still it won’t last long to vanish we will survive it. I still have a hope that in this new generation we have revolutionaries but we won’t understand them till we give them a chance to do what they should do.


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