Daughters may wanna react the way they want about who they wanna be but the merely enormous problem is they don’t know how their fathers feel when they see them been naked for and on media. Okay take example about males who are celebrities how they so strict to their daughters and tell me how do you see it and think about, don’t you think and see that those males acting strict because they know very well how do they take ladies who are in their music videos?, if they took all those ladies who are in their music videos like great people or decent ladies I’m telling every male would’ve wanted their daughters to be like those ladies. Ladies might not care how do they wear and look sexually but the fact is every man to his daughter feel shameful and disgraceful when he sees or watching his daughter showing her nakedness or twerking with a G-string on Tv, video or any media, its painful to men I swear. I wish every lady or woman to care about how men sees them and how they are to their fathers in this earth like men care to take care of them but to those who care and isn’t about only fathers I mean if life is like that how older women teach younger women, are they teaching them how to be like strippers, twerkers and hookers is what they preach and really wanna see younger ladies do?. I write to challenge New Order to be against it, we can’t give up on our living while we still living may our existence be inspiration to the coming new generation,may we pave a way like we inspire by the revolutionaries we found and read about. You can’t do anything when your spirit is out of your body but you can do and be someone while you still existing to be into the next history books while your spirit is in your body, what do you do?, how do you do it? What makes you carry on for the following day or next day? Why you try to live and survive? If you wanna have fun what it is for a good course? What it is in your fun that one day who ever you are would be an inspiration? Read book against all Odds and tell me if you not yet wanna be someone to be somebody in your life. You in a life to live a life, you in a life to create more life, you in a life to be alive while it still last to be called a life. God made clothes by himself for people Adam and Eve to wear them so why you take them off, what inspiration do you think you can spread around the world because there was no one ever mentioned as an inspiration who were taking their clothes off, to all women in the world you earn respect when you wearing covered all over without revealing your booty or nakedness like a black diamond how it worth and every man fight for or die for, live the price, be incomparable, I swear it hurt fathers when their daughters gets naked because they know how it feels and how those ladies been titled to do, if you don’t care just care once cause life cares about you and I care too. Let’s earn our respect back in us.


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