Writings could be bad to lot of people in the world not to all but remember writing is better when you really know that it entails the truth that’s how it is, you can’t be a writer and not write to inspire or change someone’s life from worse to better this is the reason why we have google today in our living days. Every writer have a true point of view to anything in a different perspective way but to elevate someone out there, from worse to better. Don’t take anything you read personal with hate or to see it as a hate speech or hate sayings No! because it might be crucial after 6years from now on and within that 6years it might could’ve helped perhaps 200 000 people around the globe for those who really got what you wrote because they had different point of views in reading what was written, everything is crucial, every word is crucial because every human being is crucial including you so take everything serious. Words are like your foot steps, where I say every step count to be crucial in every move you make there for every word count too it perhaps gonna change your life tomorrow or be the biggest move of your life just when you finished reading it. It just a point of view is crucial take it in your heard I swear you won’t undermine and hate any writing you see.


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