Love Yourself

You can’t love someone else, you don’t love yourself, don’t mix them, between loving yourself and not loving others and to keep yourself happy but the only best part of your life is to keep yourself happy when you’re happy then you can make others happy only if they wanna be happy so keep yourself happy first,it comes first cause its start within your heart.


Two parents are better to a Child,Not one

I would start by saying two is better than one Wow! what a very powerful quote or saying…then back to my heading two parents are better to a child in raising or making them grow, Father and Mother means male and female. Okay I mostly hear people saying I was raised by my mom alone and she has been playing father figure on me,she was the mother and father at the same time, isn’t that impossible come on we need to delve lot of our sayings coming from our mouths my question is how can a mother have father figure in her while she was blessed with mother figure already before we can even say she played even father figure but after we can’t believe that the father can play the mother figure, you can’t believe it right? Because a father can’t play a mother figure so the same applies to a mother, there is No mother in the world who can play the father figure on the child in raising them. What man have in him was given to him alone and what woman have was given to her alone.

To BE Greatest

To be greatest or would I say to be the greatest is to challenge apparently to give the greatest people a challenge, then here is how it should happen…

To be the greatest leader read about the greatest leaders in a history and check where they left of and do it, I swear you the coming greatest in a history

To be the greatest politician read about all political leaders and politicians and things they ever done in the world then do what they never done I swear you the best to the greatest

To be a greatest singer, dancer or whatever it is that you want to be as a goal and dream to do big for the humanity check and read all about who ever existing and check what they’ve done in the world then do what they never thought of, I swear you the greatest too.

Remember reading is fundamental to a brain means your brain and my brain, keep reading almost everyday of your life.