Love Matters

It doesn’t matter to anything, you may not like or something, love matters, you may not love but it’ll always matters while in the end love matters within you. You may hate,jealous,dislike,like and anger but love is compulsory, is a must to keep on loving, you may not like it how it cost to love but what’s in you is…you always try to be nice and feel to love while you don’t like to but you can’t nice without showing love,love matters and the first human you love is you cause you matters, is in you and is you so love matters all the time while you matters, love is you and love is a seed in you then you matters,everybody and anyone matters deeply love matters.


They must be Expensive

Things that are futile to the humanity….Alcohol and Guns

Alcohol should be expensive better than anything and same applies to the Gun it should be expensive plus the bullet should be worse I swear the world would be a better place…No Gangs, No Drunkards.

What Makes You Feel Best?

It just a question but your question, it just a day but for you to remember,to be remembered in it,it just you but only you to feel how great to be you and yourself, you can’t say it was awesome when you had no confident walking around with diffident action, but it takes only one day to make your day eventually to make your life to remember a day you were feeling awesome in it …that could be made by only these…good bath,good fragrance on you, nice clothes you feel comfortable in them…I swear that will make you feel best for a day but for your life..have an awesome moment everyday for you for the taken…have a great day everyday ahead of you.