In relationship if the person you date makes you shy, you don’t love him/her Love have confident and how can you be shy when Love is Blind. And when Love loves it gives joy, happiness apparently a bulk of all what anything that entails EXCITEMENT. If your relationship is poor in working to function as a relationship don’t force and fuss it cause if you could you’ll at the end producing bad things and misunderstand-able forced things. It takes one plus one good things to produce one good thing to do good.


Woman, a different human

God made, God’s pride after finishing creating a woman human, the way woman think different she thinks she can do better than any woman around her and to all men around the globe individually anything you can mention and that makes her selfish. A Woman is a precious human with a different love that nothing has on earth, she just incomparable, I believe when the bible says God made/created everything by dirt except a Woman, that’s where God’s pride is so since God made that different human being then goes the Devil with his jealousy to God just wanna ruin God’s precious human being by confusing her with all sort of things like making her naked,witchcraft,selfishness,envy,pride,sexual immorality,jealousy and dispute on small obvious things to each other ,anyone and against everything to be seen as a bad creation that God has ever made in all his work creation, Woman, a different human……it will never change for a woman to be different without diffident that she’s a precious,Queen,lovely,love,lovable to man,Essence of love,someone to live for,wonderful,helper,A Queen Chess and mother to her Children from God….. If you’re a Woman you’re a special not to be all over the world is better cause of you, don’t sell yourself for your interests, you’re quality layer better than the best made quality man has ever made in life,don’t be entertained no! Be the reason why entertainment existing, you’re a woman, you’re different Human, Woman, a different human.