To BE Greatest

To be greatest or would I say to be the greatest is to challenge apparently to give the greatest people a challenge, then here is how it should happen…

To be the greatest leader read about the greatest leaders in a history and check where they left of and do it, I swear you the coming greatest in a history

To be the greatest politician read about all political leaders and politicians and things they ever done in the world then do what they never done I swear you the best to the greatest

To be a greatest singer, dancer or whatever it is that you want to be as a goal and dream to do big for the humanity check and read all about who ever existing and check what they’ve done in the world then do what they never thought of, I swear you the greatest too.

Remember reading is fundamental to a brain means your brain and my brain, keep reading almost everyday of your life.



Greatest people on earth are those who always try to humble themselves and always playing humble, you see that ….is a Greatness.