In relationship if the person you date makes you shy, you don’t love him/her Love have confident and how can you be shy when Love is Blind. And when Love loves it gives joy, happiness apparently a bulk of all what anything that entails EXCITEMENT. If your relationship is poor in working to function as a relationship don’t force and fuss it cause if you could you’ll at the end producing bad things and misunderstand-able forced things. It takes one plus one good things to produce one good thing to do good.


Woman, a different human

God made, God’s pride after finishing creating a woman human, the way woman think different she thinks she can do better than any woman around her and to all men around the globe individually anything you can mention and that makes her selfish. A Woman is a precious human with a different love that nothing has on earth, she just incomparable, I believe when the bible says God made/created everything by dirt except a Woman, that’s where God’s pride is so since God made that different human being then goes the Devil with his jealousy to God just wanna ruin God’s precious human being by confusing her with all sort of things like making her naked,witchcraft,selfishness,envy,pride,sexual immorality,jealousy and dispute on small obvious things to each other ,anyone and against everything to be seen as a bad creation that God has ever made in all his work creation, Woman, a different human……it will never change for a woman to be different without diffident that she’s a precious,Queen,lovely,love,lovable to man,Essence of love,someone to live for,wonderful,helper,A Queen Chess and mother to her Children from God….. If you’re a Woman you’re a special not to be all over the world is better cause of you, don’t sell yourself for your interests, you’re quality layer better than the best made quality man has ever made in life,don’t be entertained no! Be the reason why entertainment existing, you’re a woman, you’re different Human, Woman, a different human.

Love Matters

It doesn’t matter to anything, you may not like or something, love matters, you may not love but it’ll always matters while in the end love matters within you. You may hate,jealous,dislike,like and anger but love is compulsory, is a must to keep on loving, you may not like it how it cost to love but what’s in you is…you always try to be nice and feel to love while you don’t like to but you can’t nice without showing love,love matters and the first human you love is you cause you matters, is in you and is you so love matters all the time while you matters, love is you and love is a seed in you then you matters,everybody and anyone matters deeply love matters.

Love Yourself

You can’t love someone else, you don’t love yourself, don’t mix them, between loving yourself and not loving others and to keep yourself happy but the only best part of your life is to keep yourself happy when you’re happy then you can make others happy only if they wanna be happy so keep yourself happy first,it comes first cause its start within your heart.

Relationship and Marriage

I would just show you a very simple way between this two but similar way….look I don’t think there is a different between them both they have rules to be followed and Obstacles to be faced so my view would be relying on how do you think they differ and truth about them, but hey you may like it or not but I would just tell you straight to your face they not differ at all check this out….You can’t handle Relationship, you can’t handle marriage because you have to start on relationship phase then to marriage phase, check them wisely doing the same thing in both of them,obviously they both need commitment, relationship is a mess to lot of people this days right ? So similar to marriage is a mess to lot of people this days too, this is the reason why we have less Relationships and Marriages because people can’t handle them . If you can handle relationship, you can handle marriage…I swear to my lovely writing.

Either Way

Either Way left or right, right or wrong, bad or good, evil or righteous, either way stepping forward by left-right movement, either way you’re an male or female, black or white,tradition or religion, believe to faith, hope to faith, faith for hope and believe at a time but to believe, either you believe to survive or extinct on earth, either way you hate or love, that’s how life it is , we live by two ways, either he loves you or hate you or she loves you or hate you, either way is SHE or HE that makes the world the way it is today in your existence days…Keep Loving cause love doesn’t end.