Woman isn’t the image of God

You the truth always brings what is not right to the eyes of people, people can even kill you straight up if you tell the naked truth, is just so eccentric for them to live without false, they live their lives intrepid full of falsity. You dwell in a lie you’ll never know the factual of the truth or get the fact of it, no one wants the lies amongst us, I swear no body wants that. I’m gonna say something right now that will surprises you but that’s the naked truth. Who knows that woman isn’t the image of God, nothing on earth is the image of God except Man it was either after Man was created there wasn’t gonna be any woman created, okay lets go to the bible that everybody knows when it says….Let us create a Man in our own image to rule over everything and all living creatures, who God was communicating with there, for me there was Jesus only his son with him, it showed to the world that Jesus came in the world as a Male, then God is a he since is like that God is a Male too, so God was telling another male close to him that let us create someone looking like us it means God wanted to create someone who looks exactly what he sees on the mirror, when you look yourself on the mirror you see exactly yourself then your image. God when he was creating Man he said let us create Man in our own image not “men” but Man, Men is for Humans then Man is a Male. Lets go back in the bible again where Jesus saying….before everything was made/created I was there and everything was created through me and through me everything was created, I’m saying this eventually just to show you who God was communicating with when he was creating his earth, he wasn’t alone but with Jesus, both they were each other’s image so they decided to create their own image you see woman wasn’t there, there wasn’t any one who could be called she back then. When God finished to create man in his own image then he created woman in no one’s image but her own. Nothing on earth when God looks down on us looking like a Woman everything was made out of dirt except woman, woman is a special person on the whole earth she doesn’t have anyone’s image or look like anybody. When God look down on earth someone looking like him, I swear he sees Man, that’s why when he comes back the first thing he call is a Man, everything made for a Man on earth including woman, every living thing was named by Man on earth including Woman, Woman isn’t the image of God, you may like it or not God doesn’t know democracy that was created on earth by humans but he knows his ways and he’ll always do things his way.