The Truth Is You

You Can’t handle the Truth, you can’t handle yourself because the truth you


Two parents are better to a Child,Not one

I would start by saying two is better than one Wow! what a very powerful quote or saying…then back to my heading two parents are better to a child in raising or making them grow, Father and Mother means male and female. Okay I mostly hear people saying I was raised by my mom alone and she has been playing father figure on me,she was the mother and father at the same time, isn’t that impossible come on we need to delve lot of our sayings coming from our mouths my question is how can a mother have father figure in her while she was blessed with mother figure already before we can even say she played even father figure but after we can’t believe that the father can play the mother figure, you can’t believe it right? Because a father can’t play a mother figure so the same applies to a mother, there is No mother in the world who can play the father figure on the child in raising them. What man have in him was given to him alone and what woman have was given to her alone.

The Reality Of the Truth

How many of us in the world who can face reality and its truth? Why we created our own world of not advising each other anymore? If we better and living a better life towards each other, why we can’t even invent more and create more but apparently to create our own history like the old generation made. Because our life style of this new Generation is like we knew better before we were even born, come on should we live our life for the ground to be eaten by the worms while we’ve created and invented nothing?, we are a new Generation inspired by the old one of who really made us, because nobody can’t tell us nothing right?, because what we see is a leading light that we can’t even explain, a path of choices of techniques and technology against nature, a path of selfishness of political leaders who don’t care to deliver the plate full of food to the needy, leaders who think they’re are forever made in the world they can’t get old and die like everybody else does, a path that is full of names, coming to sex life style where we don’t know what is a normal sex anymore. Thank you for writers “authors” and editors of history we are inspired by seen reading about a woman who invented waterproof “pamper” baby nappies who didn’t fight to be like a Man but to show the aptitude of how to be a woman and got reject by young women of this new generation who fight to be exactly like men forgetting who they are “Women”, a path full of wrong marriages divorce after three months where our old generation celebrate 70 years anniversary of marriage, a path where a full mature woman as a mother of one, two or three children of this new generation can dance on a stage performing her song to the fans with her legs wide open with no panties in ignoring the fact of existence media that when the child grow would her private part between her legs not be shown to her children and still demanding to be respected by her children so how on earth that should happen, a path of new generation ignorance full of incidents crisis vigilance bragging about making money while it entails selfishness, stupid law because even those who made it break it, envy, jealousy and sex immorality, a path that is full fooling around by introducing a new order even that entails loneliness though its stupid and everybody sees it openly. A path of this new generation where you say something so truth about them and something they do every step of the way they say don’t judge without understanding the deep reality of it, a path of a free way because of our forefather made it a high way for us but in every moment we meet in a given time we just wanna have drinks, having sex and to make a show off about money”to make it rain”, a path that was made as a way that was paved for us new generation about our inheritance but are we not gonna pave a way for our coming new generation since we enjoy our inheritance, a path where we don’t believe that there are still revolutionaries among us because we just wanna celebrate our tactics techniques and technology, are we that ignorant all of us, what are we writing everyday where everyone of us can read with one universal language we formed for people or to each to learn? Are we all the same minded and programmed with “fifty shades of grey” ladies walking half naked on the streets of towns everyday selfishness cause they know very well how sexually attractive they are to men, I swear to the love of reality if there was no woman in the world we wouldn’t have sex,if a woman wasn’t sexually attractive the way she does we wouldn’t even care how she walks and talks. I have a question to the world, are we the same….all ignorant,thinking the same, walking in the same path towards one direction , are we that blind to see what is right or wrong and to fix or build, what to protect or save, what to rebuild or who to love, why we do not care, are we that negative towards what is right to do right since we know as a new generation what’s really negative and positive but to ourselves as a preaching to every being the whole world “don’t be negative” stay positive towards everything….so every being or person in the world have a desire to do GOOD, so let’s build the world now and fix it focusing on building the next generation we have a desire to do good, nothing is impossible what is impossible is your heart believe, we can’t do wrong and after when lightning strike, earthquake and tornado happens then start to say the world ends…..when people on earth do too much wrong NATURE fight against them