In relationship if the person you date makes you shy, you don’t love him/her Love have confident and how can you be shy when Love is Blind. And when Love loves it gives joy, happiness apparently a bulk of all what anything that entails EXCITEMENT. If your relationship is poor in working to function as a relationship don’t force and fuss it cause if you could you’ll at the end producing bad things and misunderstand-able forced things. It takes one plus one good things to produce one good thing to do good.


Relationship and Marriage

I would just show you a very simple way between this two but similar way….look I don’t think there is a different between them both they have rules to be followed and Obstacles to be faced so my view would be relying on how do you think they differ and truth about them, but hey you may like it or not but I would just tell you straight to your face they not differ at all check this out….You can’t handle Relationship, you can’t handle marriage because you have to start on relationship phase then to marriage phase, check them wisely doing the same thing in both of them,obviously they both need commitment, relationship is a mess to lot of people this days right ? So similar to marriage is a mess to lot of people this days too, this is the reason why we have less Relationships and Marriages because people can’t handle them . If you can handle relationship, you can handle marriage…I swear to my lovely writing.